Court provides Arabic interpreter in Marwako case

The Judicial Service on Wednesday provided an Arabic interpreter for Jihad Chaaban, the Marwako Fast Food Supervisor who is being tried for allegedly assaulting a female employee and dipping her face into blendered pepper.

On May 3, this year the Abeka District Court adjourned the Marwako assault case following a request by Chaaban’s counsel for an Arabic Interpreter for his client. 

According to the defence counsel, Mr Julio De Medieros Chaaban’s mother tongue was Arabic and “even though he can communicate in English little by little he was comfortable in speaking his language.” 

Counsel debunked the assertion of the complainant’s relations saying that Jihad could speak fluently in Arabic. 

Following the provision of the Interpreter Mr Mohammed Mubarak Hidir, a Lecturer with the Department of Modern Languages, University of Ghana, Chaaban opened his defence in the matter on Wednesday May 10 before the District Court.

The court after listening to defence counsel submission said the court at the moment did not have an Arabic interpreter hence it would have to write to the Judicial Service to provide them one.

It therefore adjourned the matter to May 10 awaiting the provision of an interpreter by the Judicial Service.

The court presided over by Mrs Victoria A. Ghansah had overruled a earlier submission of no case filed on behalf of Chaaban and directed that he opened his defence.

Chaaban aged 26, is before the Court for allegedly dipping the face of Ms Evelyn Boakye into a blender full of blended pepper at the Abelenkpe branch of Marwako Restaurant. 

He has been charged with offensive conduct by calling the victim a prostitute, intentionally and unlawfully causing harm and assault.

Chaaban has pleaded not guilty to the charges and he is on bail.

On February 28, this year, Chaaban is alleged to have assaulted the victim Ms Boakye for fidgeting with a blender and working slowly.

Chaaban, a brother-in-law of the owner of Marwako Restaurant at the Abelemkpe branch allegedly grabbed the neck of the victim and dipped her face into a blender full of blended pepper.

Source: GNA

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