China has highest share of smart appliances in the world – GfK

Natalia during the presentation

As more people in the world are turning to smart appliances, the Chinese are tops when it comes to households around the world using connected home appliances, according to Natalia Andrei Andrievsakaya, the Global Director, Major Domestic Appliances of GfK, the global research company.

Making a presentation to journalists at the IFA Global Press Conference in Lisbon, Portugal, Thursday April 21, 2017, she said new approaches and innovation in the kitchen and voice control in major domestic appliances are driving the market.

China, she said, has the highest share of smart appliances. “More than seven million smart washing machines have been sold in China in 2016.”

Smart appliances are able to connect to your smartphone, tablet or computer. They are able to communicate with you and you with them. With smart appliances, you could set your washing machine for instance to alert you when the washing is done, through an app on your phone.

She also indicated that online sales channels for smart appliances are growing.

She told in an interview that global sales of major domestic appliances in 2016 was $186 billion.

“In the future all appliances will be connected. Manufacturers are pushing that,” she said.

According to Udo Jansen, Global Director, Small Appliances at GfK, the small appliances market is valued at $60 billion in 2016, five per cent more than it was in 2015.

He said growth in the robotic vacuum cleaner and air cleaner markets are all being led by China.

The IFA Global Press Conference organized by German event organizer, Messe Berlin precedes the biggest global consumer electronics and home appliances exhibition set for Berlin, Germany in September 2017. It brings together more than 350 technology writers from some 50 countries of the world.

By Emmanuel K. Dogbevi, in Lisbon, Portugal
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