NPP urged to stop celebrating average performance

The Convention Peoples Party (CPP), has called on the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP), to stop celebrating self-acclaimed 103 achievements within 100 days in government and focus on the bigger picture.   

“The CPP rates the 100 days of the President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo’s government an average performance…Ghanaians voted for rapid change in the social-economic-political sphere and not an average performance.”

Professor Edmund N. Delle, CPP Chairman told the media in Accra on Monday that Ghanaians needed to feel and see rapid economic transformation.    

“The ordinary Ghanaian is still faced with increment in transportation fare; spare parts dealers are yet to reap the tax incentives mentioned in the 2017 budget and the Ghana Cedi is still struggling against other major currencies,” he said.     

Quoting the interbank exchange rate to support his argument, Prof Delle explained that; on December 30, 2016 the local currency was rated GH¢4.1811 to the Dollar; GH¢4.3813 to the Euro; and GH¢5.1154 to the Pound Sterling.    

He said Ghana started the New Year with a rate of GH¢4.2077 to the Dollar; GH¢4.3741 to the Euro; and GH¢5.1559 to the Pound Sterling.   

Now the Ghana cedi is hovering around GH¢4.2103 to the Dollar; GH¢4.4755 to the Euro; and GH¢5.2732 to the Pounds Sterling.    

Prof Delle said these were the issues the government must confront as any turbulence on the financial market affected every local activity.   

“The January 7th inauguration day plagiarism debacle and the activities of NPP affiliate riotous group ‘Invincible Forces and Delta Forces,’ registered Ghana’s name in the bad light in the international community. These are major issues Ghana must purged itself of immediately.”    

The CPP Leader also challenged the government to tell Ghanaians the economic cost of running a huge government of 110 Ministers with their Special Assistance.   

He said: “It is ironic that whilst government is trying to reduce the number of public sector employees, it is rather increasing the number of ministers and functionaries who draws from the public purse.”    

Prof Delle observed that the sense of purpose and urgency, which the CPP brought to national development has essentially been missing since 1966; “it is time Ghanaian government restore it.   

“Our people can wait no longer. The State has a binding commitment to use its power to promote high rates of economic growth and development as well as ensuring that the wealth thereof is shared equitable among Ghanaians – north and south, east and west.     

“We must re-assert control over our natural resources and national interest for the sustainable and equitable development of our country. The State has a moral and constitutional duty to promote equal opportunity and equitable rewards for all Ghanaians, irrespective of age, gender, ethnic, religious, political or other background.   

“The NPP Government must as matter of urgency work together with all Ghanaians to create a prosperous, just, safe, caring and united society, where there is adequate food and shelter for all and there are ample opportunities for every Ghanaian to develop their personal and social potential to its fullest.”    

Prof Delle urged President Akufo-Addo to take charge of the government and party; “The President has the political will and good intentions to govern the country but must watch activities of both Ministers of State and party leaders to ensure that they all conform to his strict leadership style”.    

The CPP Chairman also tasked the leadership of the NPP “to stop behaving as a party in opposition and start appreciating the task and the mandate Ghanaians has entrusted to the party for the next four years”.    

Responding to questions, Prof Delle explained that the CPP will continue to offer constructive suggestions to government “most often it is the one behind who sees that the path is not straight…as a party we will hold the government to the task, we will not sleep as an opposition party”.    

He said: “Whether we voted for the NPP or not, in accordance with our democratic dispensation, NPP under President Akufo-Addo is in charge of the governance of this country for the next four years…we must all play our active role to ensure that Ghana succeed”.    

Prof Delle therefore called for a united front to propel the country’s development.    

“We must reduce the element of partisan politicking and focus on the national picture, work together to build the nation,” he said.   

The CPP Chairman used the occasion to commend the media for leading a relentless campaign against illegal mining; “when the political leadership was unwilling and wavering to face the menace of galamsey, the media which is the fourth estate provided the ammunition”.    

He said: “The Government has join, which is laudable. It must continue to provide the political will as well as any other regulatory reforms to ensure that as a nation we put an end to illegal mining”.   


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