Samsung’s Saxena calls on Ghanaians to put quality over price

The Director, Consumer Electronics for Samsung Ghana, Mr. Vishwas Saxena has called on Ghanaians to ensure that they purchase quality electronic products made by Samsung to ensure that they get their money’s worth over time.

He said purchase of any Samsung product is investment in a product that would last longer than a similar product from other brands as Samsung invests a lot of time and effort in the products it produces to give value to their customers and consumers.

Mr. Saxena was speaking at the Samsung Africa Forum held in Cape Town, South Africa to showcase some new and innovative products Samsung is introducing into the Africa market in 2017 and to explain their functionality to their partners and the media.

“We see a lot of low tier brands flooding the market, but when you start looking at the aspect of price only, you are sacrificing something in terms of the quality somewhere,” Mr. Saxena said. He said the life expectancy of most of these products is two years while that of Samsung products, which would cost the consumer about 30 per cent more, would last five to six years.

“Customers and consumers should remember that whether it’s a good brand or a cheap brand they would require after sales service.” Samsung has customer service centres in Accra, Kumasi, Spintex, Tema and all over the country to ensure that they meet the customers’ demand for services after product purchase, he said.

“We use better material to produce our products, we take time to fix the product, and we invest in after sales services thereby giving better value on the money customers spend to purchase our products than they get when they purchase other brands. Thus benefits of the product should be considered beyond just the price,” he suggested.

There were five new products or innovations that Samsung has added to existing products that were introduced during the Africa Forum. They are Wind-Free™ wi-fi enabled air conditioner, the new QLED Q9, Q8, and Q7 TV series with their 100 per cent colour volume, the Top Mounted Freezer (TMF) refrigerator range, Samsung’s AddWash™ front-loader washing machines and the MS750 Soundbar.

Samsung says its award-winning Wind-Free™ wall-mounted air conditioner “is the ideal appliance for overcoming Africa’s traditionally warm and humid climate. The new AR9500M air conditioner has Samsung’s exclusive Wind-Free™ Cooling technology integrated into its design, which enables customers to obtain both a cooler indoor climate and optimal energy efficiency, without having to experience uncomfortable direct airflow.”

According to officials, the AddWash™ front-loader washing machines have been designed to have less of an impact on both the environment and the consumer’s pocket, thanks to their innovative Eco Bubble technology.

“Featuring Samsung’s Eco Bubble™ technology that quickly activates detergent and penetrates laundry fibres to remove stains more effectively, the 9kg and 12kg AddWash™ washing machines allow you to instantly add overlooked laundry items into the washing machine during the wash cycle.”

Samsung Electronics launched its new QLED Q9, Q8, and Q7 TV series with the conviction that these latest range of TV sets will create an entirely new era in home entertainment, Samsung said in a statement.

“The new line-up offers dramatically improved colour performance. Displaying DCI-P3 colour space accurately, QLED TVs are capable of reproducing 100 per cent colour volume – another world first for Samsung.

This means that the devices can express all colours at any brightness level, with even the subtlest of differences visible at the QLED’s peak luminance – between 1,500 and 2,000 nits.”

Another product introduced, is the Samsung Top Mounted Freezer. “The new Samsung RT7000 and RT6000 are firsts in the TMF category, in that the fridge and freezer sections keep food fresh independently of each-other, using separate airflows.

This improves the efficiency of both the fridge and freezer by keeping fruit and vegetables fresher for longer and prevents odours from the fridge from penetrating the freezer,” says Michael McKechnie, Director: Digital Appliances at Samsung South Africa.

By separating cooling and freezing, the Samsung RT7000 maintains an optimum humidity level of approximately 70 per cent in the fridge compartment, extending the life of fruit and vegetables – no matter where in the fridge these are stored. At the same time, it uses smart power technology for up to a 42 per cent power saving and offers smart new features such as Power Freeze and PowerCool modes to make ice and chilled drinks faster than ever before.

In keeping with its focus on providing high quality, user-driven home audio-visual technology, embodied in products that are both sleek and simplistic in design, Samsung is proud to present the new MS750 Soundbar, Samsung said in a statement on its new audio technology.

“Samsung has more than ten consecutive years of market leadership in home audio and video technology market and we always strive to deliver more. The latest MS750 Soundbar emits crisp and immersive sound, wherever you are in your home,” says Lance Berger, Business Unit Head: TV/AV at Samsung South Africa

According to Michelle Potgieter, Director of Corporate Marketing and Communications at Samsung South Africa, the Africa Forum was organised to help Samsung to achieve its goal of “enriching our customers’ lives, while contributing to socio-economic prosperity across Africa and supporting a sustainable environment for us all.”

By Francis Doku

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