Bastiat Institute, CCTU launch programme in finance and investment banking

The Department of Banking & Finance at Cape Coast Technical University, will launch a programme on Finance & Investment Banking under the School of Business.

The programme, which is a collaborative educational project between Bastiat Institute and its International affiliated Institutions, has led to the inaugural lecture and the presentation of two weeks certificate course on Technical Fund Management, by Professor Emmanuel Tweneboah Senzu of the Institute.

A statement issued on the programme in Accra on Monday said the course would expose the students to monetary market dynamics and indicators within Africa, which would analyse the fiscal market dynamics, policies and pivot point.

It will make students to have a deep understanding of soft currency risk management in an unpredictable business economic climate and deepen their understanding on stochastic derivation of it major expenditure patterns and trends in developing and underdeveloped economy based on microeconomics analysis.

The students are supposed to graduate with confidence in how to set-up successful Micro-finance, Savings & Loans and Fund Management Enterprise not excluding the already existing players in the monetary market currently going through the curve of challenges. 

The statement said as empirically proven, without a clearly and sound credit patterns to complement private sector performance, a successful economic growth was questionable.

It said for Africa to successfully compete in global trade to attain autarky economy needed a new deeper knowledge and skills in the global monetary dynamics and operations as it drove its economy with soft currencies.

The lectures will be spearheaded and complemented by experts in the area of specialty and chaired by the Head of Academics & Quality Assurance.

It will also be supported by the Head of Research Cape Coast Technical University.

The scheduled date set for the lecture is April 10 – April 21 as the first batch admission. This will be followed by the Second batch admission from May 1- 12 at the Cape Coast Technical University Campus. 

Details could be found at the Registrar Department or Academic Quality Assurance Office of the University.

“Having the Interest to enter the Investment market as microfinance, saving & loans, forex, stock and bond trader; this offers you the opportunity to have deeper understanding of how this market operate globally, effect and risk management mechanism to adopt to be successful in this industry,” the statement said.

It said due to the international collaboration of the programme, the participation seat was limited as students across Africa were not expected to exceed 100 per class. 

Interested students are therefore asked to pick their admission forms with urgency from the Registrar office of the University or contact Bastiat Institute Representatives on [email protected] across Africa to assist them in their country registrations.

Source: GNA

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