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Femi Coker creates world’s longest cap

Femi Coker

An indigenous Nigerian artist, Femi Coker, has created the world’s longest cap to promote the ingenuity of Africans as part of the celebration of the International Decade for People of African Descent (IDPAD).

Mr Coker, who paid a courtesy call on the United Nations Information Centre (UNIC) in Accra, wore the world’s longest cap which is 300ft long and nine inches in diameter under his Renaissance Expedition to 1000 Cities project.    

He said the cap was a symbol for IDPAD to draw attention to Africa’s contributions to global advancement, development and civilisation and serves as a catalyst for transformation of the African Continent.

The United Nations General Assembly declared January 1, 2015- December 31, 2024 as the IDPAD to recognise that people of African descent represent a distinct group whose human right must be promoted and protected. 

It also means that afro-centric deals, values, ideas and strategies, innovations, creative ingenuity, advancement and excellence would be championed within the international community.     

“In line with this noble declaration and in alignment with our vision and objectives to consistently showcase the best of Africa, we were inspired and challenged to create a unique symbol for the IDPAD,’’ Mr Coker said.

He said the cap was modelled after the traditional hunter’s cap of the Yoruba people of South Western Nigeria and was made of textiles and fabrics from different locations visited under the project.   

Mr Coker said by sourcing and collecting traditional textiles and fabrics of other African countries to create the cap, the innovation paid tribute to the rich textile heritage of the African people.   

He said it also highlighted diversity, identified and celebrated excellence, innovations, great ideas, inventions and strategies that were driving the continent’s industrial, technological and economic development. 

Ms Cynthia Prah, the Information Officer of the United Nations Information Centre, said the cap was a unique symbol of directing attention to what the continent represented and reverberating the essence of the IDPAD. 

The cap is projected to be over 1000ft long in the course of the expedition.     Among dignitaries to whom the cap had been presented in Nigeria includes the renowned writer, Professor Wole Soyinka.  

Source: GNA

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