Accra Hearts of Oak outdoors new head coach

Accra Hearts of Oak has officially outdoor Scottish tactician Fracis Nuttall Elliot, as the new head coach of the Club.

Elliot, will be in charge of the dressing room for the next two years. 

The new trainer will replace Keinichi Yatsuhashi, who parted ways with the club after only three months as the head coach.

The Scottish trainer, in an interview with the press stated that, he knows the pedigree of his new club and ready to help restore Accra Hearts of Oak’s lost glory.

“I have been with Gomaia and Zamalek and now with Accra Heart of Oak, the underlining similarities between these clubs are the pedigree and the passion of the supporters. 

“I know the size of the club and the number of supporters the club have in Ghana and beyond.

“I was familiar with the name and the history of the club even before I came to Africa.  I know the supporters want the best for the club, every supporter has the passion and there is nothing wrong with that passion.

“There would be no pressure on me, what you call pressure might not be pressure to me. I rather see this as a challenge for me, the challenge to bring the club back up to his former glories.

“I will work hard to familiarize myself with the team as early as possible, I have been here for only few days and I am going to spend quality time with them. I am quick going to get the necessary information.” He said.

It takes time but we will get there

“I will try my best for this club, I have set high standards for every club I move to and I want to win every match. I am not promising to win the league, I am not a magician but I am going to work hard for this club.” He noted.

Source: GNA

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