Controversy over missing dog results in death of owner

A farmer at Takinta near Half-Assini in the Western Region is alleged to have been shot and killed by a friend over a missing dog.

The deceased known as Mr Joe, believed to be in his forties and hails from Dunkwaw-Offin in the Central Region, is said to have accused his friend one Kofi of stealing his dog.

Mr Michael Kanrah the Assemblyman of the town, who made this known to the media at Half-Assini, said the incident occurred on the dawn of January 30.   

He explained that the deceased, a palm wine tapper and a resident of the community for about 20 years, accused the assailant a fellow wine-tapper and a native of Takinta, for having stolen his dog and this resulted in a confrontation between the two.   

The Assemblyman said Kofi who did not take kindly to the accusation, invited the deceased at about 0330 hours on Mondayunder the pretext to go and see the dog, which he had been accused of stealing.   

He said on their way, Kofi who had a loaded shot gun suddenly fired at a close range killing him instantly.  

According to Mr Kanrah, a neighbour who saw the two walking together and on hearing the gun shot from the direction in which they were moving raised the alarm which attracted people to the scene only to find the deceased lying in a pool of blood.   

Mr Kanrah said on hearing the news he (as the Assemblyman) invited the Chief and elders of the town as well as the Half-Assini Police who went for the body which has since been deposited at the Half Assini Hospital morgue awaiting autopsy.

The accused, he said, was however at large.

Source: GNA 

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