University of Ghana signs MoU with LOTS Services Limited

The Department of Computer Engineering of the School of Engineering Sciences of the University of Ghana, has entered into partnership with LOTS Services Ghana Limited which would see students from the department engaging in practical field work to enhance a better understanding of the academic work.

LOTS-Services Ghana Limited and its subsidiary company VAS-INTEL are Information Technology and Digital Solutions Companies which have vast experience and interests in projects using Lottery Management Systems, E-Commerce, SMS Gateway Systems, Payment Gateway Systems, Biometric Systems and Supply, Repairs & Maintenance of Point of Sale Terminals (POSTs).

They would also accommodate and train students to equip them with hands-on experience.

The Vice-Chancellor of the University of Ghana Professor Ebenezer Oduro Owusu noted at the signing that it was very important students were given such practical experiences even before they came out of the school adding that, it would further enhance their understanding and appreciation of the course.    

“This partnership stems from the fact that tertiary education is shifting from the old to new, with a modern trend and modern thinking.

“Universities have been lambasted in the past for producing graduates who are not delivering, so the essence now is to bring industry to academia and vice versa to close the gap.    

“We started this arrangement a couple of years back and we have tried to incorporate practical learning to our curriculum with the essence of our students being exposed to the rudiments of the hands on training in the industry”.    

Professor Owusu noted that it was because of the enormous benefits that necessitated the search for such a partnership.

According to him, the school would give students the theory in the classroom and they would go to the field with LOTS Ghana Services to have their hands on training to gain the experience and understand exactly what would be taught in the classroom.    

“LOTS has come in as one of the many partners willing to come on board, they are partnering the department of Computer Engineering to make sure that our students in Computer Engineering benefit from their structure.     “They will offer some levels of training in computer based training, so at the end of it all students will come out better than before” he added.    

On his part, the Managing Director of LOTS-Services Ghana Limited Mr McGill Clottey noted that his outfit is partnering with the Department of Computer Engineering of the school of Engineering Sciences of the University of Ghana to provide advanced industry solutions on specific projects while further developing young talents.

“With this partnership we want to bring out talents from the school to the real life experience and also groom them to have an understanding of what goes on in the real world of information technology.”    

“It will give them the opportunity to exhibit what they have done in school to the corporate arena and through the experience they will get from our end they can take it with them for the rest of their lives.     

Mr Clottey said the package which also included internships would introduce students to all the technology services LOTS provide in the industry. So the students can utilise the skills and education they have had to be productive anywhere they find themselves after school.    

“We understand that the Engineering faculty is actively engaged in addressing leading industry problems in their fields and hence, the partnership” he said.    

LOTS Services Ghana Limited provides IT solutions to the National Lotteries in all the regions of Ghana and are also into biometrics and all digital solutions and currently provides automated solutions to the stadia in Ghana.

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