I feed on left over foods – MP’s alleged killer tells court

Daniel Asiedu

“The Police Service have stopped giving me food and I depend on left overs,” Daniel Aseidu, one of the suspects on trial in the murder of J. B. Danquah Adu, Member of Parliament for Abuakwa North of the sixth Parliament, said in court on Tuesday.

“Since December 30, last year till date the Police have not been giving me food and they have also asked my family members not to bring me food in cells.

“My Lord I feed on left overs and when I collect them I pray over it and eat, I don’t know why the Police have stop giving me food,” Aseidu aka sexy Dondon said.

This came to light when the court ascertains from him whether he had any problem and whether he was doing well.

Aseidu aka sexy dondon told the court presided over by Mr Stephen Owusu that “”now if the Police give me food again, I will not eat it”.

When asked why, Aseidu said he would like to talk to his counsel in private.

Superintendent of Police, Mr Francis Baah said he had also spoken to the Defence Counsel, Mr Augustines Obuor who complained about the feeding of his client.

According to Mr Baah, the problem was a result of miscommunication with the Criminal Investigation Department kitchen and the driver who transports food to the accused.

However the prosecutor said he had informed his superiors who would be addressing the issue.

He indicated that he had also communicated with the Director for Public Prosecution who had requested for the original docket of the suspect.

The court told prosecution to continue to feed the accused person adding “if he rejects the food then you would have done your part”.

Vincent Bosso, an accomplice of Aseidu repeated his appeal to the court to discharge him so that he could go home.

The court asked him to exercise patience adding whenever the advice of the Attorney General was received and its recommends that he should be discharge the court would comply.

The court adjourned the matter to January 31, awaiting the advice from the Attorney General. 

Asiedu, and Bosso aka junior Agogo are being held for the murder of the late MP in an incident which occurred on February 9, 2016, at the MP’s Shaishie residence.

Bosso has been charged with abetment of crime but pleas of the two have not been taken.

According to Mr Baah, the Prosecutor; explained that on February 8 2016, at about 2340 hours the deceased came home in his private vehicle driven by his driver, Samuel Berko Sarkodie.

Prosecution said the driver after parking handed over the ignition keys to the deceased and left for his residence at Kasoa, while the deceased retired to his bedroom.

He said at about 0100 hrs, Asiedu and Bosso who were armed, went to the house of the deceased where Asiedu entered the bedroom of the deceased through the window who was alseep.

“Asiedu began to search the room and the noise woke up the deceased who held him. Asiedu resisted and stabbed the deceased on the right chest above the breast”.

The Prosecution said the deceased held the knife while Asiedu pulled the knife through the deceased hands creating a deep cut in his palm.

Prosecution said the deceased who was bleeding profusely fell by his bed helpless while Asiedu stabbed him several times on the right chest and neck.

Realizing that the deceased was almost dead, Asiedu left him and took away his three iphones.

The Prosecutor said the security man who heard a strange sound in the house alerted other security men within the vicinity.

Mr Baah said Bosso realising the danger took to his heels leaving Asiedu behind.

Asiedu, however, managed to descend from deceased room to the back house, climbed one of the poly tanks in the house and jumped over the electric fence into the adjoining house and escaped.

He said the security man then called the police emergency line and informed them of the situation.

When the Police arrived the victim was already dead and his body was conveyed to the Police Hospital mortuary.

On February 15, an autopsy report from the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital gave the cause of death as “” Exsanguination and multiple stab injuries on the anterior and chest.”

Prosecution said Police investigations led to the arrest of accused persons who stated that their aim of going to the house of the deceased was to steal.

The Prosecutor said Asiedu explained that the deceased struggled with him when he entered the room and this compelled him to use the knife on him.

Source: GNA

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