SIC Life to start universal bank in 2019

The SIC Life Company Limited says it will become a universal bank in the year 2019.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Dr. Aaron Issa Anafure told journalists in Accra at the launch of SIC Life Pensioners’ Association, that the company is preparing towards establishing a bank.

“Currently we are fully capatalised and we hope that we will be able to open up for more shares for an institutional share holding,” he said.

“So in the nearest future we will have SIC Insurance, we may also have Social Security and National Insurance Trust and other people coming to buy shares from us  and that will quickly propel us into a universal bank,” he added.

The acting Interim Chairman of SIC Life Pensioner’s Association, Mr Harry Staudt said he hopes the association can provide the platform for a healthy and mutual co-operation for the common good of the company and the pensioners.

He pledged that members of the association will be eager to participate in any official function of the company whenever they are called upon

Mr Staudt further noted that it was the contribution of the pensioners that contributed to the success story of the organization.

By Pamela Ofori-Boateng

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