History and sentiments will not win – Uganda coach

Micho Sredevic

The Head Coach of Ugandan National team, “the Cranes” Micho Sredevic, has said the outcome of the game against the Black Stars of Ghana, will not be determined by history and sentiments, but purely on tactics.

“History and sentiments are past and will not have any significance on the game against the Black Stars on Tuesday, but rather a measurement of how far we have reached in African football”. Coach Sredevic said at a pre match press conference in Port Gentil on Monday.

Coach Sredevic said, Ghana is a role model in African football and has given enough to the development of the game and that they were bent on exhibiting quality to demonstrate, how far they have reached in African football.

According to the coach, returning to the Africa Cup of Nations after 39 years has never been easy, that is why we are planning to throw everything into the match against Ghana.

The coach said, they have an agenda to succeed at the competition but if they fail, they will not be bothered because it will be an investment into the future.

“We have an agenda for Cameroon 2019 and this AFCON is the first investment towards that agenda.

“If we fail it will be an experience and preparation for the future, so we are we are not bothered at all. We will give our best in the competition.” He stated.

Source: GNA

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