Partisan political interest undermining economic advancement – Gyan

Justice Saeed Kweku Gyan

Justice Saeed Kweku Gyan, a Court of Appeals Judge, has noted that the rapid social and economic development of the country was being impeded by narrow and partisan political interest.

Speaking at the 85th Annual National Convention of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community at the weekend, he said it was time to effectively halt and put to shame that dangerous trend and attitude.

The convention, which was on the theme “Engendering Patriotism, the role of Religion”  brought together thousands of Ahmadi Muslims, Members of Parliaments (MPs), Ministers, Traditional leaders and other Christian religious leaders.

Justice Gyan observed that crime seemed to be wearing “political batakari” and shamelessly walked on the streets with gleeful impunity while there were no definite political will to combat the menace.

He said corruption had seemingly become a negative development on the national psyche, manifestly threatening the peace, unity, stability and sustenance of ‘our motherland’.

He noted that the conduct and character of the political and the educated elite had emerged as an undesirable cynicism among the citizenry about their own nation and the institutions of the State.

To this end, he said religious organisations must be proactive and embark on a permanent, concerted and systematic moral crusade throughout the country to save the nation from potential ruin.

Justice Gyan said “religious leaders must have the courage and integrity to speak the truth to those in power but must themselves be worthy messengers of the hard truth they carry”.

He said the various religious authorities must be concerned about how their members suddenly gain wealth and poke their inexplicable wealth into the eyes of the Churches and Mosques.

Religious authorities must begin a vigorous and conscious campaign to build a new Ghana, starting from individual family level by encouraging and sustaining responsible parenting, he added.

Justice Gyan said Former President, John Dramani Mahama deserved to be applauded and recognised by all people of goodwill for his posture and conduct after the 2016 general election.

According to him, the gesture of the ex-president to concede defeat before the formal declaration by the Electoral Commission (EC) brought huge sigh of relief to the people of Ghana and so such acts should be encouraged in the years ahead.

Source: GNA

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