Joblessness is cause of property grabbing – Rev. Deegbe

Rev. Deegbe

Reverend Dr Fred Deegbe, a former General Secretary of the Christian Council of Ghana, has said the grabbing of national assets by individuals are indications of the state of joblessness in the country.

He said these people alleged to be supporters of the ruling government are not gainfully employed “so they want to rush to take over properties that belong to the state”.

“This is a very dangerous trend and must be nipped in the bud”, Rev Deegbe, a Senior Pastor at Calvary Baptist Church, told the GNA in an interview on Thursday, adding that the citizenry should be better educated on such national assets.

He said it was also criminal and dangerous for any group of persons to take over the passport office and such acts must be halted.

“It is the duty of all of us to educate the citizenry over such national assets. The Police should also get the perpetrators and warn them to stay off such properties,” Rev Deegbe said.

Supporters of the ruling NPP have been reported as taking over toll booths, NHIS offices, and even invaded the passport office and the Tema Harbour in Accra, just after the investiture of President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo on January 7.

Rev Deegbe said many people do not also have the requisite skills and were not employable so there is the need to “go back to the grass root to ensure that they go back to school and build their capacities to be employable.

Rev Deegbe also urged government to ensure that the rules of Presidential Transition Act are made clear to avert any future controversies on Presidential send-off packages.
Source: GNA

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