Faith is becoming insignificant to people – Bishop

Right Reverend Dr Jacob Ayeebo, Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Tamale has bemoaned the current situation where faith was becoming insignificant to growing numbers of people in society.

He said “Growing numbers of people are less interested in spiritual principles and more desirous of learning pragmatic solutions for life”.

He said most teenagers prioritised education, career development, friendships, and travel, adding “Among adults, the areas of growing importance are lifestyle comfort, success and personal achievements”.

Rt Rev Dr Ayeebo said this when delivering a sermon to mark the ordination of a Priest and eight Deacons of the Anglican Church in Tamale at the weekend.

The ordained, who went through an extensive period of study and found worthy of their current positions, are to amongst others serve the Church of God and to work with the laity in searching for the sick, the poor, and the helpless that they may be relieved.

Rt Rev Dr Ayeebo said this situation did not portray people as being ready to serve God, calling on the clergy and Christians alike to be acting with such readiness and eagerness in serving the Lord as demonstrated by Isaiah in the Old Testament.

He urged the clergy not to abuse the flock of God, but rather care for their pastoral and spiritual needs, as well as do away with pride, and avoid seeking supernatural powers from ungodly sources to perform miracles.

He reminded the newly ordained Priest and Deacons of the task of their calling, which was the task of word, sacrament, and pastoral care, saying “Do not allow yourselves to be distracted from this task by other good things you might be asked or tempted to do, but that are not your main task”. 

Reverend Ebenezer Dekuku, the newly ordained Priest said he would focus on evangelism to win more souls for Christ.     

Source: GNA

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