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Leadership is key at Ministry of Youth and Sports – E.T. Mensah

ET Mensah

The former Minister of Youth and Sports, Mr. Enoch Teye Mensah, has said the leadership style of the sector ministers is key to success at the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

He said the frequent change of ministers at the ministry in the past years can be attributed to the leadership style of the ministers.

“Leadership obviously means leading a group of people. When you set into an office with the mindset of doing things your own way you will never succeed. When you go to the people stay with them and learn from what they have, you don’t go there with set mind.

“Running the youth and sports ministry is the most difficult thing in the country, because you are going to work with so many people from different backgrounds, from the professor emeritus to the illiterate and they all have their idiosyncrasies.

He said this in an interview with the media after attending the Emergency Congress of the GFA, where he received an award for his contribution to the development of football in Ghana.  

“The minister would have to be very accommodative, be the leader and sit down with the group. You don’t go to the media to discuss your objectives, but rather sit with the group and outline the purpose or what we need to achieve as a group.

“My advice to whoever is coming as the minister is that, he or she should never look down on people. Some of the good players we have in the country did not have the opportunity to go to school, you are what you are because someone took the right decisions for you, that footballer never got that opportunity and God has brought out some talent in the person, you don’t go to cheat the person but work with the person.

“Go down to that level and you will succeed.” Mr Mensah stated.

The longest serving Minister of Youth and Sports urged the Ghana Football Association (GFA) to ignore unsubstantiated allegations and be focused in their work.

“People feed a lot on rumors and I do not believe in such rumors and the FA should treat the negative comments with the contempt that it deserves and move on, instead of glorifying them. Once you know what they are saying is not true. Truth is like pregnancy no matter what you do it will surely come out.

“Truth is what everybody is looking for, they should know that they are not the only people been accused of corruption. I think that they shouldn’t worry so much about those comments”. He stated.

Source: GNA

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