Midwife encourages mothers to patronise exclusive breastfeeding

A senior midwife officer at the Takoradi Government Hospital in the Western Region has advised mothers and expectant mothers to adhere strictly to the six months exclusive breastfeeding of their newly born babies.

Madam Elizabeth Appiah told the Ghana News Agency on Monday that breastfeeding promoted the health of both the mother and the baby.

He entreated mothers of new babies to take their children’s post-natal care seriously including their immunisation and nutritional needs.

She also cautioned mothers to refrain from using too much hot water to bath their babies but should gentle whenever they are massaging them in order to avoid any damage to their skin.

With regards to mothers who delivered through the caesarian session, the midwife advised them to come for regular reviews to prevent any future complications.

The senior midwifery officer advised women especially those delivering for the first time to seek support from experienced hands in bathing their children and treatment of their child’s cord wounds.

She also entreated young mothers to dress their new babies with cotton cloth in order to ensure sufficient circulation of air around them and prevent any discomfort and rashes on their skin.

The Effia-Nkwanta Regional Hospital recorded 12 new births including two set of twins from December 24 – December 25, Essikadu Government Hospital recorded four, Takoradi; six and Kwesimintsim Hospital three births.
Source: GNA

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