Drivers urged to be extra careful during harmattan

Drivers have been urged to be extra careful with the intensification of the harmattan haze in the country.

“Going the extra mile to be careful will help reduce accidents that are caused by poor visibility,” Mr Michael Padi, Senior Meteorologist at the Ghana Meteorological Agency, said this to the Ghana News Agency in an interview.

He said the weather systems that precipitated the dry harmattan winds had intensified.

“The high pressure systems have intensified over North Africa, and is thus able to raise and transport dust,” he said.

Mr Padi said judging by pertaining weather systems, rainfall was not likely at the moment.

He  however cautioned fishermen to be extra careful when going out to sea, because weather activities that precipitated rainfall pertained only over the sea.

“Fishermen should take all measures possible to ensure their safety,” he said.

The senior meteorologist also urged the public, especially those in the northern part of the country, to ensure good ventilation, in order to ward off infections and diseases that are associated with the harmattan weather conditions.

He said with the fall in temperature that characterised the harmattan, it was important that people wore protective clothing, in order to avoid cold related infections.

Mr Padi said the atmospheric dryness increased the risk of fire out-breaks and urged the public to be cautious and avoid preventable fires.

He said the hazy weather conditions or harmattan, could last well into the month of January, and urged the public to take all measures that would ensure safety during the season.
Source: GNA

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