Solar powered mobile computer to promote digital literacy in Mozambique

A technology start-up company in Mozambique called Kamaleon has developed an innovative and engaging way of promoting digital literacy through a shared platform called the “Community Tablet”

A press release copied to, says the Community Tablet is a solar powered mobile computer with a touch screen display and virtual keyboard built in on a trailer to provide Internet access to remote areas.

The Tablet ultimately aims to promote digital inclusion and a knowledge based society in Africa, beginning in Mozambique with an astounding 24 million people with no Internet connection.

The Tablet will be used to support campaigns on various health and education initiatives in partnership with governmental and private organizations, it said.

On health, the tablet will help spread up-to-date messages and interactive lessons that showcase symptoms, prevention and treatment options – replacing the need for leaflet distributions to convey life saving information.

Kamaleon is on a mission to close the digital divide and empower more people in Africa to engage in the digital economy and its educational benefits.

It further said that the Internet is one of the most important enablers of social development and education. While Internet services have been quite phenomenal in the rest of the world, access to the Internet remains very low in Africa, especially in the rural communities.

According to the Internet World Stats for Africa 2016 only 9.3 per cent of people across the African continent are Internet users.

By Pamela Ofori-Boateng

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