Ghana politicians told they need massage therapy

Dzigbordi Dosoo

Ms Dzigbordi K. Dosoo, the Founder of Allure Spa in the City, has urged politicians who contested various positions in the December 7 Elections to go through a massage therapy.

She argued that massage therapy was capable of fighting stress and healing psychological trauma, which politicians went through during the electioneering. 

Ms Dosoo said, elections, just like other competitions, were full tension, anxiety and frustration, which could have adverse effects on contestants.

Ms Dosoo, who is also the CEO of Allure, was speaking on the sidelines with the Ghana News Agency during the 10 years anniversary launch of the organisation.   

She said both outgoing or incoming parliamentarians as well as the presidential candidates ought to go through massage therapy.        

“Those who need stress prevention or stress reduction should engage spas like the Allure Spa for quality service geared to provide rejuvenation and to keep their immune system,” she said.   

Ms Dosoo noted that those who lost the elections needed more massage because they were more likely to go through psychological trauma and distress.          

Meanwhile, the CEO dismissed the often held claim that massage and spa services connoted sex trade and luxury.

She stated that, massage had nothing to do with prostitution but rather a solution for fighting emotional, physical and psychological strains.  

“In some part of Asia, spa is seen as a place where people go and engage in all sort of sexual activities.”   

“But globally, spa is seen as a place for pain relief and healing. A place where people go to experience physical treatment and emotional healing,” she said.    

Ms Dosoo outlined free blood circulation, reduction of blood pressure, high level of alertness and the protection of the immune system against diseases as the primary benefits of massage.       

She urged the public to patronise the services of Allure spa, adding that the organisation had laid down prudent mechanisms to ensure that quality services were rendered.    

The anniversary launch, which took place in Accra, was dubbed: “10 years of providing premium well-being services in Africa and beyond.”  

As part of the activities for the celebration, a health walk on the mountains of Asbury would be put together for interested persons to help improve upon their health system. 

The organisation would partner Wear Ghana, a non-governmental organisation, to donate logistics and money to late Dr Abdulla’s Shekinah Clinic in Tamale.

The activities would also include the running of mobile wellness and beauty services in parts of the Accra Metropolis. 

Source: GNA

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