Authors urged to respect ethics

AuthorsResearchers have been advised to respect the ethical rules when publishing their work in order to gain public confidence.

Dr Charon Duermeijer, a Senior Director, Academic Customer Engagement of Elsevier, Netherlands, said breaking the ethical rules is like “publish and perish” because they would lose the respect, confidence and trust of their readership.

Dr Duermeijer was speaking at a day’s conference organised by the National Council for tertiary Education (NCTE) in collaboration with Elsevier, Netherlands for researchers from the countries tertiary institutions.

The conference formed part of the three-year license agreement Elsevier signed with the NCTE this year to provide about 45 thousand students and faculty at Ghana’s 38 Colleges of Education with access to 2,000 books through Science Direct College Edition, Elsevier’s full-text platform for research literature, tailored towards institutes of higher education.

Twenty researchers and authors from the tertiary institutions participated in the conference, which aimed at giving them appropriate research tools to enhance their work.

Dr Duermeijer mentioned making up research data, plagiarism, and taking previous work and passing it off as one’s own as most serious issues that researchers must avoid.

Ingrid van de Stadt, the Regional Marketing Director of Elsevier, Netherlands, urged the researchers to first read the guide for Authors and keep to it, since editors do not have time on their side.

She stressed the need for authors to give appropriate referencing where necessary and avoid including authors who were not involved in the research.  

Elsevier is a world provider of information solutions that enhance performance of science, health, and technology professionals by empowering them to make better decisions, deliver better care, and sometimes make groundbreaking discoveries that advance the boundaries of knowledge and human progress.

Elsevier publishes over 2,500 journals and more than 35,000 book titles, including a number of iconic reference works.

It is one of the world’s major providers of scientific, technical, and medical information, and a technology company originally established in 1880.

Source: GNA

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