Audit Ghana Olympic Committee or I will go to court – Nunoo Mensah

Nunoo MensahThe President of Ghana Weightlifting Federation (GWF), Mr. Ben Nunoo-Mensah has expressed dissatisfaction with the activities of the Ghana Olympic Committee (GOC), saying that the GOC was not ready for a forensic auditing or accountability.     

Therefore, the Federation heads have come to a consensus to grant the Prof. Francis Dodoo administration enough time to make things right before the next elective congress fixed for March 15.

In an interview with the GNA Sports, he pointed out that “GOC was just not ready, we knew about it. They don’t have a deputy treasurer, she hasn’t been there for over two years, they don’t have an accountant, and they don’t even have an administrator. So who have been doing the bookkeeping for them? We realized they are having genuine challenges.

“GOC have not done what they should have done, so we have to give them ample time for them to clean their house and come back to give everyone a good account.

According to him, before any board assume position, he would ensure there is a forensic auditing for the past 5years.

“The way they were handling financial issues wasn’t the best and it will cause them problems, for instance, as a member of the GOC I don’t have the financial report of London 2012, Rio 2016 and other competitions, we have to thoroughly understand all these issues.

“We have given them enough time to make things right before auditing. Because for me accountability must be very important in Ghana Sports, people cannot always take us for granted.  Anybody who comes to power at GOC would go through a forensic auditing in appropriate time, it has to happen.

“GOC didn’t even know about the electoral process, we had to tell them what they are supposed to do, so we suggested three people to form the electoral commission for the election and they said we should give them sometime on that because they also have some people in mind.

“They were not ready with that, they didn’t know about the electoral process meanwhile they were supposed to talk about it. They were not saying anything about the three member committee for the election which was inappropriate. We were ready, we knew what has to be done and they were not.

“They have asked for some time and we have given them up to the ending of March 2017. I have sent warning to them that with the time we have given to them, they should make sure the books are corrected. They must organize things well before the day.

“I may or may not be on the GOC board but I will always ask for accountability, if they decide not to do it, I will go to court”.

In a reaction, the Vice President of GOC, Dr. Deborah Cubagee said GOC members should desist from engaging in media battles because it will affect the body in years to come, but the Weightlifting President believes otherwise.

“Dr. Deborah is a member of the GOC, if GOC goes on radio and throws dust in the eyes of the people, some of us would never be quiet for the people to be misled. We are not quarreling, we are talking about issues. We want the right thing to be done, an accountability from the people we have put in charge.

“You are servants and you need to account to the people you serve. If you have nothing to hide then you should be able to answer every question. GOC must change and make things right,” said Mr. Nunoo Mensah.

Source: GNA

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