NCCE educates people living with HIV/AIDS

AIDS2The National Commission for Civic Education, in collaboration with the Kpando Municipal AIDS Committee, has visited the Margaret Marquatte Catholic Hospital to educate people living with HIV/AIDS as part of the world AIDS Day celebration.

The Accra Municipal Director of NCCE, Mr Richard Asilevi, said even though they were suffering from the disease they should take consolation in the fact that they had made the effort to know their health status.

He, therefore, asked them to be ambassadors to spread the good news about the protective measures they were always taught at their meeting days at the hospital to help others from contracting the disease.

In another development he urged them to vote early in the morning when voting starts on December 7 to avoid rush at the late hours of the voting day.

They were also taught how to vote correctly to avoid spoiling their ballot papers as they had equal rights as any other Ghanaian to contribute to the democratic process.

Source: GNA

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