President Mahama to develop human capital of Ghanaians if given a second term

President John Mahama - Candidate
President John Mahama – Candidate

Professor Kwamena Ahwoi, a leading member of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) says Ghanaians would see human capital and resource development in the second term of President John Dramani Mahama.

He has therefore called on the various professional bodies in the country to consider reading the manifesto of the NDC to help them compare and make informed decision by choosing who to vote for in the December 7 elections.

Prof Ahwoi was speaking to professional bodies in Accra including student nurses at the Pantang Nurses Training College as part of the campaign tour of the Chief of Staff, Mr Julius Debrah in the Greater Accra Region.

The team also called on chiefs and opinion leaders in Mitimidi, Ogbojo,and Madina and also students of the Accra College of Education and the University of Professional Studies, Accra.

The campaign tour of the Region was to canvass votes for the re-election of President Mahama to continue changing the lives of Ghanaians and transforming the country.

He said the NDC under President Mahama leadership had built a lot of physical infrastructure across the country in the first term and would concentrate on building the human capital to occupy the structures.

Prof Ahwoi said it was important and critical that Ghanaians would look at the achievements of President Mahama’s first term and reciprocate that by voting massively for him to continue his second term.

He said more jobs would be created in the second term of President Mahama to absorb more professional and non-professionals in their various fields and call on them to renewed the mandate of the President.

Mr Debrah said the ruling NDC would stick to the rules of the game and not spend time and energy on things that might endanger the peace of the nation.

He said the NDC as part of its principles would campaign devoid of frivolities, unnecessary attacks and unwarranted insults, but deal with issues that would lift the people out of poverty, develop the nation and create opportunities.

Mr Debrah pledged that the  NDC was committed towards a fair playing field to ensure successful elections.

He said the campaign teams of the NDC were using their energies in educating the good people of Ghana on the achievement of President Mahama, and on how to put money in Ghanaians pockets, roof over their heads and not on irrelevant arguments and insults.

The Chief of Staff said the NDC was spending time and resources to explain issues in their manifesto, which had the potential of changing the living conditions of the people and create the desired opportunities for all.

He cautioned supporters of the NDC to desist from acts of violence and hooliganism and focus on winning the December elections on a clean sheet.

He indicated that politics was exchange of ideas and not fighting, thus the need to express the campaign views in the spirit of peace and understanding and not hostility towards one another.

Source: GNA

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