Ghana slips to 53rd in World FIFA ranking

FIFAThe Black Star’s defeat to Egypt in the 2018 World Cup qualifiers cost the Black Stars’ a substantial fall in the FIFA ranking for the month of November.

The Black Stars are down eight places in the world ranking to the 53rd position and four places down to ninth in Africa.

Ghana lost 2-0 to the Pharaohs at the Borg El-Arab Stadium in Alexandria to lose grounds in Group E.

Egypt leapfrogged ten places to the 36th position and Number 4 in Africa.

Senegal, despite losing 2-1 at South Africa, remain the continent’s highest ranked nation and 33rd in the world followed by Cote d’Ivoire and Tunisia, who are tied in the 34th position.

Argentina remain tops for November, but have seen their command on the summit weakened by close rivals Brazil (2, up 1).


  1. Argentina, 2. Brazil, 3. Germany, 4. Chile, 5. Colombia, 6.  France, 7. Portugal, 8. Uruguay, 9.Spain, 10. Switzerland,


  1. Senegal, 2.Cote D’ivoire/ Tunisia, 3. Egypt, 4. Algeria, 5. Congo DR, 6. Burkina Faso, 7. Nigeria, 8. Ghana, 9.  Morocco, 10. South Africa

Source: GNA

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