Regular hand washing prevents premature death

Hand washingThe Ledzokuku Krowor Municipal Assembly (LEKMA) has launched this year’s Global Hand washing Day at the Quaye Nungua Basic School with a call on Ghanaians to wash their hands regularly with soap to prevent pre-mature death.

The event, which was organised by the Community Development Unit of LEKMA, was on the theme: “Make hand washing a habit”, and attended by dignitaries from the Assembly, the local traditional council and the educational sector.

According to Mrs Genevieve Ofosu-Amaah, Head, Community Development Unit, LEKMA, it was about time that all Ghanaians especially children were sensitized on the proper way of hand washing and its numerous benefits.

“It is important to wash hands at all critical times especially before eating, after visiting the washroom and at all important times,” she said.

Mrs Felicia Sasu, LEKMA SHEP Co-ordinator, advised that, “The few seconds you spend to wash your hands could save you from going to see the doctor. Do not underestimate the power of hand washing.

Good hand washing is the first line of defense against the spread of many illnesses from the common cold to more serious infections and diseases which are responsible for the majority of child deaths.”

Reverend  Nathaniel Adams, Chief Executive Officer, Rural Water Development Project of Church of Christ, who demonstrated the techniques of hand washing and the use of easy and affordable improvised hand washing set ups, said “wash the disease causing gems off your hands before they get the chance to infect you and infect other people.”

Naa Ayikae, Queen Mother of Tanshie, lauded the organisers and called for regular and sustained education by teachers, parents and child peer educators on hand washing to create a healthy and responsible future leaders.

Source: GNA

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