CPP proposes multi-sector health policy

CPPA government of the Convention Peoples’ Party (CPP) will set up an Accelerated Capital Investment Programme to train health personnel as a first step towards combating the brain drain in the sector.

It will adopt a multi-sector health care system comprising the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Food and Agriculture (for nutrition), Ministry of Sports (for fitness) and the Ministry of Local Government (for sanitation) to transform health care system.

A CPP government under Mr Ivor Kobina Greenstreet health policy will aim at reducing inequalities in the standards of health care for all.

These were stated in the part’s Election 2016 policy document which was made available to the Ghana News Agency (GNA).

The analysis is part of the GNA’s project – GNA Tracks Election 2016 – which is being funded by the Ghana Oil Company Limited (GOIL), the nation’s foremost indigenous oil marketing company and CIMG 2015 Petroleum Company of the year.

The GNA Tracks Election 2016 project seeks to sensitize the electorate on the various issues raised by political parties, elections management body and other governance institutions.

The project also seeks to ensure gender and social inclusion in national politics and to provide voice for the youth, vulnerable groups, opinion leaders and the broader spectrum of the society, and to contribute to the achievement of a peaceful poll on December 7.

Another objective of the project is to create a platform to dissect the manifestoes of all political parties and provide in-depth analysis of each thematic area to the electorate to enable them to make an informed judgment.

The CPP said if elected to form the next government, it would give priority to improving the country’s primary health care services, especially in deprived communities.

The CPP said it would establish health desks at key ministries such as Food and Agriculture, Education, and Water Resources, promote and provide preventive and curative services.

The CPP Election 2016 health policy document also seeks to focus on improving the ante-natal and maternity services and develop child health services.

Additionally, it will recognize the importance of community health system and ensure that they have the power and facilities to represent fully the consumer point of view.

“A CPP government will take a major public stake in the pharmaceutical industry and ensure we focus on drugs that are needed to fight the most prevalent diseases and drugs that the most venerable in society need are produced at affordable prices.

“Decentralize the management of health services to the districts, produce and enforce a comprehensive Public Health Law that will improve environmental sanitation, including sanitary inspectors,” the CPP stated.

The CPP said, if voted to form the next government, it would promote equity to quality health services through improved access, institute preventive and curative health services nationwide, and promote health through better nutrition and exercise.

A CPP government will draw a close collaboration between orthodox and traditional medical practitioners, equitably distribute health personnel nation-wide, and broaden emergency services, including ambulance services, countrywide.

The document said a CPP government would provide adequate resources for local research and development for both orthodox and traditional medicines,

It will also provide additional incentives such as the reduction in income taxes on allowances for medical personnel who work in rural or deprived areas to increase access to health services in those areas.

“It is the ambition of the next CPP government to increase the number of training institutions to produce cadres of health personnel and provide continuing education for them.

“A CPP government will strengthen training institutions to provide supervision and monitor the performance of health personnel to improve quality health services.

“It will also promote close collaboration between training institutions and health services personnel where trainers will practice what they teach and health personnel will teach what they practice,” the CPP stated.

It will intensify HIV-AIDS education, especially among the youth, and make treatment more affordable for those afflicted by the deadly disease.

Source: GNA

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