NPP to facilitate teachers’ affordable housing scheme

HousingThe New Patriotic Party (NPP) said if elected to form the next government it would facilitate an affordable housing scheme for teachers.

A government under Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo would ensure that teachers who upgrade their qualifications and skills are promoted promptly and their salary increases take immediate effect.

This was captured in NPP’s Election 2016 Manifesto, which was made available to the Ghana News Agency.

The next NPP Government would collaborate with Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT), National Association of Graduate Teachers (NAGRAT), and other teaching associations to ensure proper decentralisation of teachers’ recruitment and other document processing activities and relieve them of the frustrating, bureaucratic processing of documents at the centre.

The publication of the manifesto is part of the GNA’s project, “GNA Tracks Election 2016,” which seeks to sensitise the electorate on the various issues raised by political parties, elections management body and other governance institutions.

The project also seeks to ensure gender and social inclusion in national politics and to provide voice for the youth, vulnerable groups, opinion leaders and the broader spectrum of the society, as well as contribute its quota to the achievement of a peaceful poll in December.

Another objective of the GNA project was to create a platform to dissect the manifestoes of all political parties and provide in-depth analysis of each thematic area to the electorate to enable them to make an informed judgment.

NPP said the views of teachers would be sought on education policy innovation and implementation; “Their professional development and work environment needs will be treated with respect and we shall ensure that teachers’ salaries and allowances are paid regularly and on time.

“The NPP will also focus on the provision of incentives that will motivate teachers, and reward their hard work in the classroom.

“The NPP will aggressively promote Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education across all levels of the education system. Mathematics has been identified as the bedrock for progress and survival in the modern world.

“Unfortunately, mathematics has proved to be a great stumbling block in education in the country. We believe it is time to tackle this problem and break the myth about the fear of mathematics in our education system and in our country.

“An NPP government will leverage technology to popularise the teaching and learning of Mathematics.

“Children in every part of the country will have access to mathematics lessons delivered by first class teachers at the highest level. We aim to demystify mathematics and turn the country into a mathematics-friendly nation”.

The NPP would strengthen the participation of the Missions in the Mission founded schools.

“We believe this will ensure the return of discipline and moral upbringing to our schools. We will introduce Arabic as an optional language to be taught and examined at the JHS and SHS levels.”

There would be an intense focus on providing effective and professional guidance and counselling services to students and young people to facilitate their personal growth and development.

The NPP would provide sporting facilities and revive sporting competitions among schools not only for health purposes, but also as a career pathway for students, while fostering a spirit of competitiveness and teamwork.

The Party would ensure that children with special needs are not left behind, but are assisted by teachers with the requisite skills in differentiated teaching methods.

Whenever possible, facilities would be provided to enable disabled children be integrated within regular schools.

“We shall improve the facilities and the curriculum for ICT education at all levels. We shall develop an online educational platform to host, stream, and share short videos of mini-lectures to classrooms or offices around the country.

“We shall ensure that all teachers have ICT competence and in collaboration with the private sector, provide free WiFi coverage for senior secondary and tertiary institutions nationwide dedicated to learning, administration and enhancing the capacity to do research.”

A government of Nana Akufo Addo would introduce programming at the junior and senior high levels in order to expand the capacity of our students in ICT and train them for the job opportunities that the sector offers.

It said the mission of traditional universities would be enhanced through the provision of appropriate and adequate infrastructure and learning facilities to accommodate expansion and ensure conducive teaching and learning and research.

In addition to the Book and Research allowances for lecturers, the NPP would establish a Research Fund to facilitate further research and innovation.

“We will also abolish the payment of utility bills by students.

“We will also increase the amount of loans under the Student Loan Scheme and restructure to streamline its administration to enhance recovery of the loans.”

The NPP would place emphasis on the continuous linkage of academia with industry and the world of work to ensure curriculum relevance, thereby reducing graduate unemployment.

With the conversion of the Polytechnics into Technical Universities, an NPP government would reactivate the original aim of linking Technical/Vocational institutions to the Technical Universities.

They would be assisted to refocus on technical education and would be at the forefront of the NPP’s “One District, One Factory programme”.

NPP would encourage the Colleges of Education to update their curricula to ensure they produce graduates that would teach the well-equipped and critical thinking population we need to move the country forward.

Under Nana Akufo Addo teacher trainee allowances would be fully restored. In addition, mechanisms would be put in place to ensure salaries of new teachers are promptly paid.

Source: GNA

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