Ghanaians ask Mahama to address unemployment problem

President John Mahama
President John Mahama

Unemployment is the major problem facing most Ghanaians for which they are calling for an improvement from the John Mahama administration as he gives a highlight on his party’s manifesto on Monday.

Most Ghanaians lamented the inadequate job opportunities in the country according a Ghana news Agency (GNA) survey on Party manifestoes on Tuesday in Accra.

Richard Akakpo, a Real Estate Agent, said though he is employed, “I see the unemployment situation in the Country as unbearable and that it should be given priority. He expects ways of decreasing the high unemployment rate to be captured in the National Democratic Congress (NDC) manifesto.

Similarly, Michael Nii Ayitey Hammond, a self-employed said unemployment brings burden on families as jobless Ghanaians normally depend on family members for their daily bread.

He therefore asked political parties to pay more attention to job creation than other things.

He said the manifesto should touch on the creation of an enabling environment for the private sector and entreated the NDC to consider an improvement in Small and Medium Enterprises   (SMEs).

He added that the manifesto should highlight how to provide low interest rates loans to SMEs in order to help strengthen businesses.

However, Maritha Naaba, a national service person, thinks political parties should not make unrealistic promises in their manifestos.

She expects the NDC to place more emphasis on the Agriculture and Mineral resources sectors.

“The NDC should talk about the retooling of the various universities that specialise in improved agriculture and mineral resources”, she advised.

A petty trader who identified herself as Maabena Muda said she could no more afford her child’s school fees because of the devastating economy of the country.

As such, she would buy into an economic restructuring which could translate into reduction in fuel prices and taxes.

A cross-section of the public at Tema Station in Accra called for improvement in areas such as health, road construction, petroleum prices, agriculture, water, education and the economy.

Many were of the view that road construction was better, but needed the government to work harder in the provision of better health care and an improvement in educational standards. The manifesto should discuss how to improve water provision, agriculture and how to take steps to boost the economy.

An area of great concern to most of them was Education as Madam Grace Kommey, a vendor said “tertiary fees are too high, I would be happy if the President addresses that”.

Teacher motivation was also mentioned as a pressing issue that should be discussed in the manifesto.

The President should ensure to pay close attention to rural road network and some urban ones as well.

“The road from Dansoman last stop to Glefe and surrounding areas is in a very bad shape, if nothing is done about it I am booting the NDC government out,” Yaw Kerem a driver said.

General concerns were also raised on the poor state of the national health insurance scheme.  A considerable number of people who spoke to GNA wanted the President to address those issues in the manifesto.

To them, the card mainly covered consultation fees while fees for with laboratory tests and some medications were not.

While others also complained about the increment in fuel prices, unemployment and illegal mining, others however expressed their indifference stating that whether or not the NDC revealed its manifesto, it would have very little or no influence on them.

They said their minds are already made up.

Source: GNA

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