Stop the arbitrary rent increases or face the law

HousingThe Rent Control Department has expressed concern about arbitrary rent increases and threatened action against landlords acting outside the law.

Mr. Ishmael Essien, the Asante Akim Central Municipal Manager, said any upward rent adjustment could only be done with the approval of the Department.

Anything short of that, he indicated was a breach of the law and completely unacceptable.

He was addressing a day’s workshop on the “Rent Regulation Act” held in Konongo for property owners and tenants in the municipality.

“Bridging the gap between landlords and tenants in rent issues – the role of the Rent Control Department”, was the theme and the goal was to help deepen public understanding of the rent law.

It comes amid growing complaints by tenants of flagrant disregard for the rent control regulation.

Many property owners reportedly are taking advantage of the high demand for accommodation to ask for outrageous rent charges.

Mr. Essien said it was important for everybody to become abreast of the rent law and to act together to ensure that it was upheld and respected.

He urged tenants to ask to be given rent cards by landlords – containing details of the tenancy agreement between the two parties.

The card, by law, must be issued seven clear days after giving out a room or apartment for rent.

He spoke of the launch of a “door-to-door education campaign” to help the people to know everything they have to know about the rent control regulation to get everybody to act appropriately.

Source: GNA

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