EC Chair calls for unadulterated commitment to excellence in journalism

Mrs. Charlotte Osei
Mrs. Charlotte Osei

The Chair of the Electoral Commission (EC) has called on Ghanaian journalists to have what she calls unadulterated commitment to excellence and the cardinal principles on which their association and profession heavily depends.

Speaking at the 21st Ghana Journalists Association (GJA) Awards ceremony August 27, 2016, Charlotte Osei argued that, “these are high professional standards of integrity and accountability.”

Citing Article Three of the GJA Constitution, she pointed out that it provides among other things that the Association should “promote professionalism and high journalistic standards and reward and honour outstanding members periodically”.

“It is clear that there is no shortcut to the achievement of this level of excellence. It is the product of meticulousness, and an unalloyed desire for accuracy, truth, balance, relevance, background, social impact, ethical standards and language presentation in your reporting. It is this kind of excellence that has produced media personalities such as our beloved and charismatic Komla Dumor of blessed memory,” she said.

Mrs Osei pointed out that the freedoms given to the media in Ghana, are to enable the media function freely, to protect not the interest of politicians, not the interests of the powerful nor those who pay the most, but the interest of the public.

“And in order to protect the interest of the public, the media must also act responsibly: respect the truth; act within the law; respect the rights and liberties of the individuals in society; respect the values of the society in which they operate,” she said.

Investigative journalist, Anas Aremeyaw Anas was honoured as Journalist of the Year for the second time. He was awarded the award for 2006.

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By Emmanuel K. Dogbevi

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