Ghana and Iran explore ways to enhance growth

Some of the Iranians with President Mahama
Some of the Iranians with President Mahama

Ghana and Iran have held bilateral talks and business forum as part of efforts to explore ways of forging tighter trade and security co-operation to enhance growth.

The two countries sought to foster closer ties in medical care, education, politics, economics, trade, industry, and power as well as fighting terrorism and extremism which pose a major threat to security and peace.

The meetings followed the visit by the Iranian Foreign Minister, Dr Mohammed Javad Zarif, to Ghana  during which he called on the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration, Ms Hannah Serwaah Tetteh.

Ms Tetteh told journalists after a close-door session that both countries discussed “actual bilateral” issues including medical care that would bring Iranian doctors to Ghana to offer their services to the people.

She said both ministers stressed the importance of furthering international co-operation to combat terrorism and extremism.

They also explored ways of strengthening and enhancing such collaboration in areas like education, agriculture, trade and industry, she said.

Dr Zarif expressed profound confidence in Ghana’s economic and peaceful social environment as being favourable for the two countries to forge tighter trade and security co-operation to spur economic growth.

“Ghana is a window and gateway to engage businesses in West Africa,” Dr Zarif said later during the opening of a business forum.

The joint trade forum was organised to give an opportunity to the Ghana-Iran business communities to brainstorm on ways to deepen their business relationship.

Dr Zarif led a 70-member delegation to the country for a two-day visit to hold bilateral talks with government officials.

“This is the strongest delegation we have ever led to any country,” he said adding that Iran had respect for Ghana.

He said Ghana’s principled position during the Iran-Iraq war and Dr Kwame Nkrumah’s rise against western influence made the West African country to command huge respect.

He praised Ghana for having a strong voice at the African Union and the United Nations.

Source: GNA

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