eBay coming to Ghana?

eBayNews circulating in the tech world suggests that eBay, the online market is coming to Ghana.

According to TechCrunch, eBay has concluded a partnership with MallforAforAfrica, an eCommerce starup in Africa to roll out services in Kenya and Nigeria by July ending and Ghana comes on stream by end of 2016.

The reports indicate that eBay users in the US will be able to sell directly to buyers in these countries.

MallforAfrica, athe reports say is creating an ‘eBay powered by MallforAfrica’ app to run on all platforms. Buyers can then buy, check out and pay through MallforAfrica.

Other partners Paga and M-Pesa would do the work of automatically converting currencies into their preferred modes on every end, the reports add.

MallforAfrica also has a logistics center in Portland, Oregon, from which it will handle the shipping and fulfillment for eBay orders destined for Africa, according to the reports.

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