School replaces corporal punishment with apology letter

Corporal punishmentThe Ho Polytechnic Basic School has instituted the writing of apology letter to replace corporal punishment in the school.

Pupils now write apology letters, after a written report on the misdemeanor, and read to them in front of their mates, with a promise not to repeat the wrongdoing.

The school authorities announced the initiative at a Parent Teacher Association meeting on Tuesday.

The authorities, in the cluster of schools, who pleaded anonymity, told the Ghana News Agency that the initiative was in response to directives from the Ghana Education Service on the use of corporal punishment.

Writing apology letters would improve the pupils’ written and spoken language and enhance their public speaking skills, they said.

Other alternative punitive measures were “naming and shaming,” “writing of lines,” and counselling.

Some pupils were also asked to weed or work on the school’s rubbish dump depending on the gravity of the offence.

The authorities said the punishments were done at the pupil’s free time and did not affect contact hours in the classroom.

The authorities said though implementation of the initiatives started a few months ago, they were yielding positive results.

Some parents at the meeting welcomed the initiative but a good number of them criticised the GES directive saying; “we spoil the child when we spare the rod.”

Source: GNA

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