Daniel Batidam, on the other hand, is of the view that if there is conflict of interest, there are still grounds to question how the a contractor won a contract even if the procurement procedure was followed.

“That is why the whole issue of examining contracts becomes a tricky thing. Sometimes those who win contracts, you go and they say we wanted the lowest [bidder] and we got the lowest. But what did it take, what did it cost to make that the lowest bidder. Sometimes it meant something that is hidden.

“Between the supply and the demand, the private sector and the public sector… contractors who bribe – well, let’s say they give gifts that could amount to bribe –  It’s a very thin line. That’s why some of us believe that the issue of bringing proof is impossible… because when they say bring proof and the proof is with the one you seek to or allege to be corrupt, that can be a herculean task.”

By Manasseh Azure Awuni, Joy FM