Swiss-Ghanaian Chamber of Commerce meets on security

Swiss-Ghanaian-Chamber-of-CommerceAs part of efforts to tighten security and provide healthcare for Swiss-Ghanaian businesses, the Swiss-Ghanaian Chamber of Commerce has held a meeting in Accra on the “Security and Emergency Health Response for Ghanaian Businesses.”

The Chamber aims to be recognised as the voice of Ghanaian-Swiss Businesses and as an organisation that puts the needs and interest of its members at the core of everything it does.

Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Effia Tenge, the Accra Regional Police Public Relations Officer said the police administration had the constitutional mandate to protect the citizenry, of which the business community is inclusive.

She said the business community should always be alert and vigilant, and need to secure the safety of its business, property and customers, and aside the presence of the police (visibility controls), organisations could also apply for armed police personnel if the need arises.

ASP Tenge noted that emergency exit points, installation of close circuit television (CCTV) cameras and good lighting system in the night are security features the business community need to consider.

She said most businesses are collapsing due to the activities of employees, as they contribute to crimes committed within the organisation by embezzling funds or leaking information to unauthorised persons knowingly or unknowingly.

She cautioned that an employee’s reluctance to go on leave, unexplained wealth, reluctance to delegate tasks and sudden change in lifestyle are all fraud signals the business community should note.

She recommended that pre-employment background checks, installation of tracking devices, strict supervision of workers are also some few remedies that could be applied.

On corporate crimes, ASP Tenge mentioned hacking of mails, gold scam, cloning of cheques, and property fraud as the commonly reported cases and urged the business community to be extra careful in their dealings and to prioritise security issues.

Speaking to the Ghana News Agency, Dr Nortey Omaboe, the Chairman of the Swiss-Ghanaian Chamber of Commerce said the Association creates the platform for its members to network, create awareness of issues of importance and advocates for its businesses in areas that are of concern to members.

He said the Association’s meeting on business security and rapid response to health issues, aimed at creating the awareness, updating members, and as well outline the various structures that one needs to protect businesses.

The Association provides the forum for networking and information exchange, dissemination of information on investment and trade opportunities in Ghana and Switzerland, provision of advisory services of manifold nature including responses to enquiries for certified lawyers, auditors, translators, banks, among others.

The rest are provision of updates on regulatory changes both in Ghana and Switzerland, support in finding the best partner to leverage for match-making, organising business seminars, meetings, conferences, handling of requests of general nature doing business in Ghana and specific request such as information on statistical data and labour legislation.

Source: GNA

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