GSA urges use of standardized measurements

ghana-standards-authorityThe Ghana Standards Authority (GSA) is urging a shift towards the use of modern standardized measurements to prevent cheating of consumers.

Mr. Samuel Kofi Frimpong, Head of the Ashanti Regional Office of the Authority, said everything must be done to conform to globally accepted standards by meeting specified degree of accuracy and precision.

The call coincided with the celebration of this year’s international day of metrology under the theme: “Measurements in a dynamic world”.

The day is held annually to highlight the need to maintain appropriate measuring standards to ensure fair trade.

Mr. Frimpong said the GSA was scaling up public education campaign to assist the people to move away from the old ways of doing things and was targeting the markets, shopping malls and filling stations to help them to conform to worldwide measuring standards.

He advised consumers against doing business with retailers and entities that continue to use unorthodox measurement methods.

Source: GNA

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