Supreme Court adjourns indefinitely Mosama case

Law2The Supreme Court on Thursday adjourned the case in which Prophet Miritaiah Jonah Jehu-Appiah of the Musama Disco Christo Church (MDCC) is seeking a review of the judgment upholding his removal as Head of the Church.

The court adjourned the case when it was called, saying one of the judges on the panel had taken ill and as such the case could not be heard.

It therefore adjourned the case indefinitely.

Earlier the court had adjourned the case at the instance of Prophet Jehu-Appiah because his lawyer had withdrawn his services.

Mr Gustav Addington, the former lawyer, in a letter addressed to the Court said: “Please take notice that Gustav Addington, Counsel for the defendant/appellant/applicant has with due respect to the applicant, withdrawn his services.

“All future processes in the case should be directed to Prophet Jehu-Appiah personally per his address.”

Mr Addington explained that his withdrawal was due to personal reasons.

The case for the review of the judgment by the Supreme Court was filed after the highest court of the land by a five-zero decision on November 11, 2015, dismissed an appeal filed by Prophet Jehu-Appiah, against his removal as Akaboha III and the Head Prophet of the MDCC.

The former had challenged the lawfulness of his removal from office, questioning the capacity of the persons to removed him in January 2002.

Prophet Jehu-Appiah stated in his affidavit that, “The appellate court failed to give a consideration to the fact that the respondents had no capacity to have instituted the case against him, and that the act of the respondents was in sharp conflict with the constitution of the Church”.

Prophet Jehu-Appiah was leader of the MDCC until 2002 until the church removed him.

After his dismissal, the Church filed a suit at the High Court in Swedru to affirm its decision Prophet Jehu-Appiah appealed to the Court of Appeal but the case was dismissed.

He further appealled to the Supreme Court which also dismissed the suit.

He is now seeking a review of the decision of the Supreme Court.

Source: GNA

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