Only CPP can bring the real difference – Greenstreet

Ivor Greenstreet
Ivor Greenstreet

The Convention People’s Party (CPP) says it is the only alternative to the status quo and it is pragmatically different from the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

“The CPP Government of a new order has a mandate to lead the nation out of the desperate and doubtful situation and work at ensuring that the high number of injustices in our system is reduced and banished,” Mr Ivor Kobina Greenstreet, told the Ghana News Agency in an interview.

The Electorate must, therefore, vote massively for Mr Ivor Kobina Greenstreet, the Party’s Election 2016 Presidential Candidate and all its parliamentary nominees on November 7, he said.

“Election 2016 therefore. offers Ghanaians new  opportunity and order to elect the CPP to inject into the Ghana’s governance structure with the dynamism of a new order or covenant dubbed, ‘APAM FOFOR,’ literally meaning ‘the New Testament,” Mr Greenstreet said.

“We are going to remain focused for the attainment of this new order, even though the party’s performance in previous elections is not commendable, we have examined our performance constituency by constituency and we are ready to maximise our gains.”

He said the party was now focused and determined to win power: “Our objective is to win political power and use it for the benefit of the people; taking full control of Ghana’s Natural Resource and promoting discipline as the surest means towards nation building”.

Mr Greenstreet said even though the nation had been under Constitutional rule since 1993, both the ruling NDC and the NPP who had had the benefit of ruling the country had woefully failed.

The CPP’s Presidential Nominee expressed optimism that the Party was ready to liberate the country from, what he called, ‘the economic mismanagement by the NDC and NPP.’

He stated: “The 2016 Electoral cycle offers us an opportunity to rest hope to the despairing and doubting Ghanaian of the NDC’s and NPP’s respective regimes over the past 24years, who have claimed certain regions as their ‘world banks’ yet do nothing for the people who live there.

“CPP stands for oneness and unity of Ghana as one inseparable people who should live with love, sincerity and responsiveness; giving the Ghanaian control over their economic lives and activity; ensuring that the youth and women take their proper places in the build-up of a fair-sharing wealthy Ghana; making land available to all hardworking Ghanaians regardless their status in society.

“Ours is a well measured and modest campaign of sincerity and openness with the people of Ghana. We hope to give them a departure from the politics of deception that have characterised mainly the two parties that have had the opportunity to govern Ghana under this Fourth Republic.”

He pledged to improve the standard of living and boom Ghana’s macro and micro economy under a CPP Government.

He said the popularity of the NDC was waning due to unfulfilled campaign promises and the general disillusionment of the masses, whilst that of the NPP was on a nose dive because internal wrangling and personality attacks had created deep cracks within the party.

He described Ghana’s situation as “crises of economic underdevelopment, joblessness, unyielding crime wave and the heightening of social tensions among the populace”.

Mr Greenstreet said Election 2016 provides the moment for pragmatic turnaround from inward looking politicians. “We must take bold decisions and tell both the NDC and NPP that Ghanaians need an alternative”.

Ghana must deepen its democratic culture through pragmatic and comprehensive development paradigm shift in the socio-economic and political endeavours, Mr Greenstreet stated.

“It is time for the Government to pursue an alternative national self-reliance policy, harnessing all the indigenous technological competences to create jobs and stem the over-dependency syndrome,” he said.

The prescriptions of the Breton Woods institutions, he said, would not take the country out of its present economic quagmire because these institutions had vested interests.

He therefore, urged the electorate to compare both the NDC and the NPP administrations by their own records and vote responsibly for the real alternative change, in November, this year.

The CPP Election 2016 Presidential Nominee urged the Government to stop its neo-colonialist policies and administration and evolve innovative policies towards moving the country ahead, adding that the national economy was suffering in spite of the “abundance of human and material resources.

Mr Greenstreet advised journalists to be vigilant and be guided by their code of ethics and refrain from skewing their reportage to suit the whims and caprices of the Government, even in dire situations of enticements and intimidations.

He also called on Ghanaians who had turned 18 years to register when the voters’ register was re-opened from April 28 to May 8 to enable them to exercise their franchise in November.

Source: GNA

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