Tension mounts in NDC Evalue-Ajomoro-Gwira

NDCMembers of the Evalue-Ajomoro-Gwira Elections Directorate of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the Western Region, have accused the Party’s Member of Parliament (MP), Mr Kweku Tanikyie-Kessie, for illegally dissolving the directorate.

In a statement issued in Takoradi, the seven-member Elections Directorate indicated that the MP is denying them the opportunity to serve their Party.

Mr Frank Somiah Andoh, the Constituency Director of Elections, stated that the MP is using his position to divide the party by promoting hatred, bitterness and apathy.

“The Member of Parliament with his penchant and weak leadership style is conniving with some disgruntled and failed executives, to mastermind the termination of our appointments though we were duly appointed by the Regional Executives of the party,” he said.

He stated that the Elections Directorate was in charge of internal party elections and often exhibits the Party’s voters register prior to any parliamentary and presidential primaries.

He pointed out that the MP masterminded the action because some of them did not support his candidature during the Party’s primary and warned that if they are not re-instated, it would cause his defeat in the November 7 polls.

Meanwhile, Mr Tanikyi-Kessie, told the GNA in an interview that the Party’s Elections Directorate clearly exhibited partiality and schemed for his opponents, in order for him to lose the primary, therefore he reshuffled the members because they would not help his course.

The MP said he had petitioned the Regional Executives of the Party about the dissolution of the Election Directorate.

“How do you expect me to release resources to an election directorate that schemed for my defeat in the party’s primaries, saying “even the President undertakes reshuffle from time to time, so there is nothing wrong with what I did”.

Mr Emmanuel Papa Assan, the Regional NDC Elections Director, confirmed to the GNA that he had received a petition from the MP and Constituency Executive Committee concerning the dissolution of the Elections Directorate.

He explained that the Constituency Executive Committee has the authority to dissolve the directorate if members are not working in the interest of the Party.

He said the membership of the directorate are appointed by the Constituency Executive Committee after the Regional Executives had vetted persons short-listed for the positions, since they had finished managing internal party contest, they could be dissolved.

“And most especially, when their actions and inactions were not promoting unity and interest of the Party, the same Executive Committee of the Party could dissolve it, so they have no case”, he added.

Source: GNA

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