Police complete investigations into MP’s murder

Daniel Asiedu
Daniel Asiedu

The Police say they have almost completed investigations in the matter involving Daniel Asiedu, the alleged killer of Mr Joseph Boakye Danquah-Adu, Member of Parliament for Abuakwa North.

However a duplicate docket is being forwarded to the Attorney General’s office for advice, Prosecuting Superintendent Francis Baah told an Accra District Court when Asiedu appeared before it on Tuesday.

Asiedu, who has been charged with murder, is said to have killed the MP in cold blood at his residence at Shiashie, near East Legon on February 8 this year.

His plea has been reserved.

Defence Counsel Mr Augustine Obour however prayed the court to change the remand warrant of Asiedu to Police Custody instead of that of the Bureau of National Investigations (BNI).

According to Mr Obuor, since Asiedu was arrested, he had been kept in lawful custody at the BNI adding if the Police were through with investigations, he should not be kept in BNI custody.

Counsel noted that if the Police were done with investigations then his client would be of no use.

Mr Obuor urged the Police to ensure that they send a duplicate docket to the AG for advice as stated.

According to Defence Counsel, there had been instances that the Police would say that they were sending a duplicate docket, but they do not.

Prosecution however noted that keeping Asiedu in BNI custody was for his own good as well as his security.

According to Supt. Baah, Asiedu’s security was paramount.

However the court ordered that Asiedu be released into Police custody.

According to the court Asiedu’s continuous stay in BNI cells was not necessary because prosecution had finished with investigations.

The matter was adjourned to May 4.

While Asiedu was whisked into a waiting vehicle he declared: “I have changed from my evil deeds”.

Earlier, Supt Baah said the deceased, lived with his family in a one-storey building at Shiashie, while Asiedu, a school dropout, lived with his girlfriend at Agbogloshie in Accra.

On February 8, at about 11:40 hours, the deceased went to his house with his driver Samuel Berko Sarkodie, he said.

The driver after dropping the deceased handed over the car keys to him and left for his residence at Kasoa.

At about 01:00 hours, however, Asiedu armed himself with a catapult, a sharp cutlass and a cutter, and on the blind side of the MP’s security man, entered the residence.

Asiedu picked up a ladder and entered the top floor of the house, where the deceased was sleeping, whilst the security man at post was also fast asleep.

The deceased realising there was an intruder woke up from his sleep and held Asiedu.

The Prosecution said Asiedu stabbed the deceased above his breast on his left side but the deceased then held the knife and shouted for help.

Supt Baah said the deceased, subsequently, sustained deep cuts in his hands and became unconscious.

While the deceased was bleeding profusely, Asiedu stabbed him again below the breast on his right side and neck and left him to his fate.

Aseidu then took away two iphones and a tablet of the deceased, and managed to descend from the top to the back of the house. Climbed one of the polytanks in the house, skipped the electric fence of the house into an adjoining house and escaped.

The Prosecution said the security man in the house heard the shouts of the deceased for help and alerted other security men in the area for assistance but to no avail.

Supt Baah said some neighbours, however, got in touch with the Police emergency number but when the Police arrived, the MP had passed on and the body was sent to the Police Hospital.

The prosecutor said investigations led to the arrest of the accused who confessed to the crime.

The exhibits retrieved from the accused, among other things, have been forwarded to the Police Forensic Laboratory for analysis.

Supt Baah said the accused also sustained injuries on his left finger and the last finger on his right hand.

Source: GNA

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