Ghana is suitable destination for investment – Chinese Entrepreneur

InvestmentMr. Ningquan Xu, the Managing Director of Sentuo Steel Limited, said on Tuesday that Ghana is highly suitable for investment ventures.

“Apart from the fact that Ghanaians are very hard workers, there is also a lot of room for industrial development in Ghana,” he said.

Mr. Xu was speaking to journalists in Tema, during a media familiarization tour of the Sentuo steel manufacturing company.

He said apart from promoting Ghana’s economy and creating employment for several Ghanaians, the company also provided a platform for international cooperation.

Mr. Xu said Ghana continued to experience economic growth, “which is evident by the abundant on-going infrastructure constructions and rapid increase in foreign direct investment.”

He said Sentuo was fully prepared to embrace “these great opportunities and challenges,” and provide high quality steel products and services to meet the West African Market.

Sentuo Steel Limited is a joint venture project between Ghana and China.

Established in 2011 in the Tema Heavy Industrial area, the company has an annual production capacity of 800,000 metric tons of diverse products such as iron rods and wire rods, and has also created over 1500 employment outlets in Ghana.

Sentuo has introduced the state of the art steel making technology to provide quality products, and has also implemented strategies to expand its market base as well as increase its market competitiveness.

Source: GNA

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