Let’s work together for efficient ICH – Director

wpid-090912FTelecoms-mastThe Director of Corporate Affairs at Afriwave Telecom Ghana Limited, Mr Donald Gwira, has called on Ghanaians, especially stakeholders in the telecom ecosystem, to join hands and work towards a successful Interconnect Clearinghouse (ICH) service delivery.

The call comes on the heels of the passage of the law backing the implementation of ICH services in Ghana.

The law, however, reduced the scope of the ICH by removing the originally intended exclusivity and the right to offer tax revenue assurance services to the state, Mr Gwira said in a statement to the Ghana News Agency on Friday.

Commenting on the successful passage of the Bill, he said: “Thank God for the eventual passage of the Bill despite the challenges it had to go through.

“It is time everyone moved on and focused on efficient service delivery as there are so many benefits that will accrue to the country.

“Afriwave possesses the technical, financial, and operations skill-set for a seamless ICH service delivery to the industry.

“We have already implemented the key infrastructure to offer services like international/local traffic monitoring and SIM-Box fraud management listed as Phase 1 of our ICH service delivery several months ago.

“Had it not been for the challenges, we would have fully implemented the Phase 2 of our services offering by now.

“Phase 2 has to do with a common platform for independent international wholesale carriers to deliver calls and the capability of routing of local interconnects calls.

“Other services include value added services like EIR [Equipment Identity Register] services for the blocking of stolen handsets.”

Afriwave is the company licensed by the National Communications Authority to provide the ICH services in the country.

Source: GNA

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