Ghana Immigration Service repatriates three South Africans

GISThe Ghana Immigration Service (GIS) has ordered the repatriation of the three South African security officials who were facing prosecution for alleged security offences, in line with Section 21 of the Immigration Act 2000 (Act 573).

An official statement issued by the Service, and issued to the Ghana News Agency (GNA), in Accra, said the Director of GIS, Mr Felix Yaw Sarpong, revoked the visas issued to the South Africa Nationals arrested for engaging in acts suspected to be inimical to national security in accordance with Section 20 of the Immigration Act 2000 (Act 573).

The three, Major (Rtd) Ahmed Shaik HAZIS a.k.a Chris, 55; W arrant Officer (Rtd) Denver Dwayne NAIDU, 39; and Captain (Rtd) Mlungiseleli JOKANI, 45; were reportedly arrested by the BNI for engaging in acts suspected to be inimical to national security.

The three suspects in their written statements, said they were engaged by the New Patriotic Party (NPP) to travel to the country and conduct training for 15 bodyguards of the party in VIP security drills, the GIS said.

The statement said Hazis, who was identified by the other two as their leader, wrote in his statement: “ I was engaged to provide VIP protection training to the protection security officers of the Leader of the Opposition Party in Ghana, the NPP. This was my reason for being in Ghana”.

According to the statement, the GIS’s findings revealed that the above written statement did not conform with the purpose of their invitation, which was to “travel to Accra for a series of business meetings” which they indicated on their application for visa to the Ghana Mission in Pretoria, South Africa.

It said the two organisations, McDan Shipping Ltd, and the Danquah Institute, which extended the invitation to the South Africans were not known to be registered as security companies.

“The series of meetings indicated in the invitation letters, on the strength of which the visas were issued, were to be held in Accra with the two organisations,” the GIS said.

“On the face of the documentation examined, it was clear that the three individuals were not sure of who actually invited them.

“The NPP as a legal entity did not invite the three South Africans to Ghana and there is no documentation to contradict this fact… these institutions are not security organisations.”

The statement said: “Additionally, it is the view of the GIS that the training exercise conducted by the three at the El Capitano Hotel in the Central Region to a group that did not invite them, is clearly a confirmation of the attempt to conceal the motive for their visit and was therefore a breach of Section 52(1) (e) and (i) of the Immigration Act 2000 (Act 573).

“Their act is also a breach of the conditions precedent for the issuance of visas as contained in the instructions on Form B (Reg.3 (4) of the Immigration Regulation 2001 (LI 1691)”.

The GIS on March 23, 2016 requested for the release of the three to the Service for the determination of their immigration status in the country, it said.

“The suspects indicated in their written statements that they were invited by the New Patriotic Party (NPP) to train its security personnel,” the statement said.

It said: “The GIS proceeded to review their Visa Application process to confirm the veracity of their claims and reconcile their current status and activities.

“In the process to ascertain these facts the forms they submitted to our Mission in Pretoria, South Africa and the disembarkation cards filled by them upon their arrival at KIA were vetted.”

The three arrived variously in the country on March 5 and March 14, respectively, the statement said.

Source: GNA

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