Some 38 foreign nationals take oath to become Ghanaians

Independence ArchThirty-eight foreign nationals on Wednesday took the Oath of Allegiance before a High Court Judge towards naturalizing as Ghanaians.

The new citizens, who were given certificates after the ceremony, held at the Court Complex, in Accra, can now hold Ghanaian passports, vote, and defend the good name of the Ghana.

The Deputy Minister of the Interior, Mr James Agalga, said the nationals were originally from Jordan, Britain, Lebanon, Nigeria and other West African Nationals, who have  been cleared of not having any criminal record.

The Deputy Minister said they had also demonstrated their commitment to contribute towards the development of the country even before they were allowed to naturalise.

Mr Agalga said some of the nationals had also resided in the country for a long time and others were married to Ghanaians, explaining that they naturalised without any compulsion.

Mr Ali Hussein Al-Sayeed, a Jordanian, said he naturalised because he was married to an Ashanti and had also invested in the country by setting up two firms in the Western Region.

Mr Al-Sayeed said out of the countries in the Sub region, he found Ghana to be one of the peaceful and unifying countries.

Source: GNA

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