AngloGold Ashanti cedes 60 per cent of Obuasi concession to government

AngloGold AshantiAngloGold Ashanti has announced it has voluntarily relinquished 60 per cent of its Obuasi mine concession to the government of Ghana.

According to a statement by the mining giant, the ceded area which covers about 273 square kilometres and excludes the Obuasi mine, is as a result of a process which started in November 2013.

“This will provide an opportunity for the Government/Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources to use the land as it sees fit, including to encourage a range of socio-economic development activities in the Obuasi region,” the statement said.

AngloGold Ashanti has been undertaking a feasibility study seeking to redevelop the Obuasi mine but has been bedevilled with illegal miners and clashes with the latter, which led to the death of its Communications Manager in February.

The company reiterated that the illegal miners who continue to damage critical infrastructure, pose a threat to the viability of the Obuasi mine and the company’s efforts to redevelop it.

“It is critical that the authorities act to resolve this threat to the viability of the Obuasi Mine, in a peaceful manner, and as quickly as possible,” the company said.

By Emmanuel Odonkor

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