Egoistic struggle for power is our main challenge – Rev Agbozo

Rev. Enoch Agbozo
Rev. Enoch Agbozo

Reverend Professor Enoch Agbozo, Leader of Ghana Evangelical Society, has said the egoistic struggle for power and the ungodly works by corrupt, and wicked persons in national affairs were the main hindrances to Ghana’s progress.

He said due to these acts, God deliberately interrupted the development process of the nation until he could find someone with a clean heart who could be entrusted with power.

Addressing the press on his “Divine Message on the State of the Nation”, he said the time had come for the church, the nation and government to uphold the divine seal of God on the nation.

“Demons, gods and goddesses and wicked men cannot and must not be allowed any part and space in the political arena and the nation building process,” Reverend Agbozo said.

He also entreated all parties in politics and governance, nation building and progress of the country to desist from apportioning blames, saying stop living in the past and give attention to the new things that God has in stock for the country.

Reverend Agbozo said according to a divine declaration from God, Ghana would from now on experience a 30-year period of uninterrupted Divine Glory under His care which would bring about peace and development.

“Ghana shall, therefore, bear the image and marks of God and would become His divine spouse and enter into everlasting joy”, he said.

Reverend Agbozo said the 30 year period of God’s favour on Ghana would also signify healing and deliverance for the oppressed and the molested people in the nation.

He said the new Ghana of Divine Heritage would also entail fresh visitation and re-ordering of the politics and governance system of the nation.

He said the new era of prosperous 30 years would require all Ghanaians, especially those in the public sector to render appropriate services and assistance as part of their contribution towards national development and the fear of the Lord.

Source: GNA

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