Let’s bridge gap between research and practice – Dr Vanderpuije

Oko Vanderpuije - AMA boss
Oko Vanderpuije – AMA boss

Dr Alfred Oko Vanderpuije, Accra Metropolitan Chief Executive (MCE), has called on institutions of higher learning to collaborate with metropolitan, municipal and district assemblies to eradicate filth, disease and poverty in Accra.

He said: “We need to work together and make research findings on best practices available to the municipalities to bridge the gap between research and practice.”

Dr Vanderpuije made the call at a lecture by the College of Basic and Applied Sciences of the University of Ghana on: “Sustainable Environmental Management and Improved Sanitation: A Shared Responsibility.”

He said: “As faculty members and students who will become future leaders, we have significant and responsible roles to play in ensuring sustainable environmental management practices.”

Dr Vanderpuije said of all the urban services, solid waste management required the greatest amount of citizens’ co-operation to succeed and this made it a shared responsibility.

“It is only when all hands are on deck that we can achieve an environment worth leaving behind for the future generations.

“Like the body with many parts, the various parts have to work for the body to function efficiently and effectively,” Dr Vanderpuije said.

He said: “It is my fervent hope and prayer that from today onwards, as stakeholders, we are all going to focus on best practices and work together with a sense of urgency and commitment to excellence to achieve sustainable environment and improved sanitation in the city of Accra and beyond.”

The Mayor, on behalf of the AMA, donated 200 bins to the university and gave the assurance that it would continue till the number of bins reached 1,000.

Professor Emmanuel O. Owusu, Provost of the University of Ghana – College of Basic and Applied Sciences, who chaired the occasion, charged Ghanaians to let environmental sanitation challenges agitate their minds so that lasting solutions were found.

“Charity begins at home and, therefore, the onus lies on the citizenry to start environmental sanitation education from homes, schools, the communities and workplaces,” he said.

Prof. Owusu urged the media to reduce the over-concentration on politics and rather discuss issues on how the country could diversify waste to develop agriculture.

He read a citation to eulogize Dr Vanderpuije for his achievements and presented some books to him.

Source: GNA

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