Amanfiman Rural Bank signals strong support to grow businesses

Rural banksThe Amenfiman Rural Bank has opened its Kumasi office with a pledge to introduce more innovative products to support strong growth of small businesses.

Mr. Alexander Asmah, its Chief Executive Officer (CEO), said aiding small and medium enterprises (SMEs’) to become vibrant and operate optimally was a key priority.

That, he noted, was the way forward to create wealth and provide jobs for the people.

He announced that it had already assisted a total of 12,500 such enterprises to improve their economic production performance. He, however, did not give details about the size of the support.

Mr. Asmah said the bank’s presence in the nation’s second largest city was indicative of the tremendous strides it had been making.

It has so far opened 13 branches and he underlined the determination of the Board of Directors and Management to sustain the deposit mobilization drive and bring quality banking services to the people.

He spoke of attractive products including the “Meba Daakye”, meant to aid child’s education and invited people in the metropolis to do business with the bank.

Dr. Tony Aubynn, President of the Western Region Association of Rural Banks, put the bank’s operation returns as of the end of December, last year, at GHȼ6.3 million.

He hailed its performance and expressed optimism that it would avoid complacency and continue to maintain strict internal controls.

Mr. Kwadwo Ayeh Kusi, Manager of Apex Bank Limited, saluted the bank for the impressive achievements.

Source: GNA

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