Disabled persons furious with KMA’s disregard for disability law

persons-with-disabilityThe physically challenged in Kumasi are fuming over what they say is the insensitivity towards them by the metropolitan assembly.

They said they found the construction of public structures without provision of access to disabled persons deeply worrying.

Mr. Moses Hubert Atia, National Vice President of the Ghana Society of the Physically Disabled, made reference to the recently inaugurated Rattray Park and said none of the washrooms there could be used by them.

That, he said, was totally unacceptable and resentful.

He expressed the sentiment at a town hall meeting organized by the Centre for Development of People (CEDEP), an NGO, to bring to the fore disability issues.

Mr. Ahia said it was important for the assembly and other state institutions to ensure that public places and buildings were made accessible to the PWDs in conformity with the law.

They need to feature in their development planning and be actively involved in the drawing of building plans.

He said it was also curious that they did not have a single representative, serving in any of the nine sub-metropolitan councils in the metropolis.

Madam Aba Oppong, CEDEP’s Coordinator, called on the assembly to act on the grievances of the PWDs.

Source: GNA

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